Susan van Hengstum


2013 | Site specific work at the Van Abbemuseum | five-channel video installation, black and white

In collaboration with Kay Schuttel



The title Bezonning comes from a term used by the council to determine the quality of incoming light based on charts. These charts point out the dichotomy of sunlight: it lies at the basis of seeing, and yet, what do you see? A diagram is needed to show the sunlight, as it is otherwise invisible.

In the spaces of the Van Abbemuseum my research into the architectural, sensory and physiological qualities of sunlight manifested itself in a site-specific video work in which I explored the boundaries of what is visible, using form, surface, glass and light. Both the effects of the incoming light on the space and its effect on the camera’s mechanism are described in this five-channel video installation.

The site specific work Bezonning was shown during the group exhibition 'Making use' at the Van Abbemuseum:

The exhibition was comprised of ten new projects by artists from the Dutch Art Institute (DAI / MFA ArtEZ). The show included works by Mercedes Azpilicueta and Ohad Ben Shimon, Anna Dasovic, Yoeri Guepin, Fotini Gouseti, Rei Kakiuchi, Eden Mitsenmacher, Pendar Nabipour, Fraser Stewart, Katja van Driel and Susan van Hengstum.