Susan van Hengstum



Five-channel video installation, 9:30 min|           In collaboration with Kay Schuttel



Radio 4 weekly invites artists to stay in the Torenkamer (the Tower room) to make a work and airs several live interviews about the artistic process during this week. In January 2015 this were Kay Schuttel and myself.

By means of camera's filming the interviews from the outside – looking in through the window of the Torenkamer – we mirrored the radio coverage by a visual description. Furthermore, by turning our gaze back onto the radio makers and making the visual recording of their audio coverage as a key part of our ‘artistic process’, the work brings a form of mise en abyme into effect.

For the final video installation (in the same building as where the original recording took place), the original audio of the radio programme is (re)combined with the visual material from the video camera. Through the combination of interior and exterior footage, an estrangement between the sound and image comes about; though they had originally belonged together they could never be perceived in this particular way.