Susan van Hengstum

COMMISIONED ART/ Interactive art Installations



With special thanks to the Mondriaan Fonds

Interactive art installation for Sencity, a music festival for both deaf and hearing people stimulating all senses



Visitors of the festival could record their personal video message, solely with their hands gestures, the rest of their body and senses visually disregarded and muted. As the face is out of sight, language is reduced to the hands. The hands were then projected all over the festival. The collage-like projection of the moving handgestures resulted in a new image for a very familiar phenomena. By means of this alienation and aestheticization of handgestures, this project aimed for a new experience for the festival visitors and their hands and to look at them differently. 



Audio intervention | 1:1 Symposium, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, in collaboration with Kay Schuttel

Audio track describing physical spaces, composed for the 1:1 Symposium about 1:1 scale models.

With the principle of a 1:1 representation as our point of departure, we set out to create a work in which its representation takes place in the viewers’ imagination – without the existence of a physical equivalent. The participants of the symposium each received an MP3 player with headphones. The audio track consisted of ten literary passages giving visual descriptions of physical spaces. Based on these descriptions images are formed in the mind’s eye: a 0:0 scale model. This work is a research into the effects of audio in relation to imagery.

List of passages:

  1. The New York Trilogy, Paul Auster/ Penquin 1990, p73 & 74 (first published 1985)
  2. The Fountain Head, Ayn Rand/ Signet 1993, p 334 & 335 (first published 1943)
  3. On the Road, Jack Kerouac / Viking 2007, last paragraph (first published 1957)
  4. The Trial, Franz Kafka/  Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group 1995, p 37, 1925,  Willa Muir & Edwin Muir
  5. Falling Out of Time / David Grossman, Vintage 2015, p3, translated by Jessica Cohen (first published 2014)
  6. The Circle, Dave Eggers / Afred A. Knopf 2013, p1
  7. The Berlin Novels, Christopher Isherwood / Minerva Paperback 1995, p464 (first published 1939)
  8. Tinkers, Paul Harding, / 2009, Bellevue Literary Press, p7
  9. The Capital, John Lanchester / Faber and Faber 2012, p1
  10. The Little Friend / Donna Tart, Vintage 2003, p14 (first published 1996)
  11. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle / Haruki Murakami, Vintage 2003, p1, translated by Jay Rubin (first published 1994)
  12. The Palace Walk, Naguib Mahfouz / Anchor books 2011, p6 translated by The American University in Cairo Press (first published 1956)