Susan van Hengstum


Susan van Hengstum (1980)


Susan seems to analyze details, but by the time she is finished they are no longer details, they are the essence of how we perceive. (Art initiative Suze May Sho)

My work evolves around the process of making meaning regarding our visual world, using mostly lens and light based media. In my projects I try to reveal the factors that are influencing this process and to provide ground for thinking about the interpretational process, stereotypical analysis, our collective visual memory and the phenomenological aspects of our visual world. This take on image making allows me to look at the world in a similar way: which phenomena's can be seen with our eyes and which phenomena's seem to be perceptible with our eyes but are actually only visible when completed by concepts and knowledge.



2011-2013 Master Fine Arts, Dutch Art Institute (DAI / MFA ArtEZ), Arnhem
2004-2008 Bachelor Photography, Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague
1998-2001 Human Geography, University of Amsterdam (UVA)

2014 Project Fund, Amsterdam Art Fund (AFK)
2014 Werkbijdrage jong talent, Mondriaan Fonds
2014 Bijdrage werkperiode binnenlandateliers, Mondriaan Fonds
2010 Bijdrage werkbudget, Fonds BKVB
2010 Artist in residency Slovakia, Fonds BKVB
2009 Winner of 2009 PUP (Prize for Unique Photography) Award (by GUP Magazine)
2008 Winner of the Photography Award of the Royal Academy of Arts
2008 Nomination for the Academy Award of the Royal Academy of Arts; Art Olive young talent; De Fotoprijs

2015 Artist in residency De Torenkamer, Radio 4 Vondelpark, Amsterdam (in collaboration with Kay Schuttel)
2014 Artist in residency Badgast, Satellietgroep, Scheveningen
2014 Tijdelijke Binnenland Ateliers Mondriaanfonds, Project Probe (in collaboration with stichting SLAK), Arnhem
2010 Residency Banska St a nica, Banska Stiavnica (in collaboration with Dutch Doc), Slovakia

2019 Art istallation Sencity Festival, Tivoli, Utrecht, met dank aan Mondriaanfonds en VSB fonds
2016 Prospects and Concepts 2016, Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam
2015 Torenkamerfestival 2015, VondelCS, Amsterdam
2015 Presentation of 'BeeldTaal' during three (live) Radio Broadcasts, Radio 4
2014 Project PROBE, Arnhem
2014 Free Cinema, W139, Amsterdam
2013 Dutch Art Insitute Istanbul, Galata Fotografhanesi Fotograf Akademisi Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Making Use, van Abbe museum, Eindhoven
2012 Alumni exhibition Making Room, KABK galerie, Den Haag
2012 Work in Progress / Learning Pieces at Art Dakar, Raw material Company, Dakar, Senegal
2012 THREE ARTISTS WALK INTO A BAR..., Curated by The Black Swan - participants of de Appel Curatorial Programme 2011/2012
2011 ANGRY - Young and radical, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
2010 Erased Walls, Space Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2010 ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE 2010 Banska St a nica, Slovakia
2010 EQUATIONAL MEMORIES, Meneer De Wit, Amsterdam
2009 Solo exhibition, Photo festival Naarden
2008 A perfect book, ACF, Amsterdam
2008 PARAAT#4, Best of Graduates, de Veemvloer, Amsterdam
2008 Bis! Plantagedok 8-12, Amsterdam
2008 Graduation Show, The Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague
2008 Een Schitterend ongeluk, Fotomuseum, The Hague
2007 SML, Small - Medium - Large, gallery Royal Acemy of Arts, The Hague

2012 Versal 10, Versal
2010 Ground magazine # 9
2010 NRC.Next - It's all eyes, 29-11-2010
2010 It's all eyes (print:1000, Slovakia)
2008 Evidential Value (on demand)
2008 NRC.Next, coverstory: 'Wat zien we als we kijken', 31-12-2008

2012-2015 Teacher, Amsterdam Centre for photography (ACF)
2012 Teacher workshops kids (7-10), Telling a story with photo's, OBA Amsterdam
2011 Teacher of workshop in context of World Press Photo exhibition, TU Eindhoven
2010-2011 Teacher of photo workshops, Tel Aviv


2012-2018 - Eye filmmuseum, activities for the museumshop
2016 Presentation on behalf of Mondriaan fonds, Art Rotterdam, 2016
2015 Artistic intervention during Symposium 1:1, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (in collaboration with: Kay Schuttel)
2013 Pecha Kucha, Mini-Masterclasses, Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam
2012 Curator 'Snapdragon' with Gal Deren, Ruby Schelling and Joshua Simon, Hahalalit Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 Speaker at 'Aan tafel met:...' Theme: 'To look differently', TU Eindhoven
2010 Commission member Mondriaan fonds
2004-2012 Freelance assignments for: NRC, De Dag (under the editorship of Hans Aarsman)
2007-2008 Editor of online photo column,
2007 Guest curator of the exhibition Maaiveld, Photo Festival Naarden
2007 Internship with Martine Stig
2007 Internship with Joost van den Broek