Susan van Hengstum

'yes, but even when I go,

it is unclear where it will lead me'


Prospects and Concepts 2016 | 2 track video installation | loop (resp. 02.56 & 34.02 min) | no sound



Yes, but even when I go, it is unclear where it will lead me (part 1) explores the borders of the European Union as a mere shape.


Borders are often presented as some sort of unassailable natural law rather than a human construct. In the news we see the political status and the maps of the internal borders of the EU changing every week as member states slam their borders shut, either temporarily or permanently. When these states change the status of their own borders they are in fact meddling with the same legitimacy they use to justify their political claims about the external borders of the EU or their state. This exposes the absurdity of the border as an established fact and the inhumanity of using this false reality as a barrier.

Parallel to the concept of the human construct and need of boundaries I explore the moments in which we willingly 'let go'. In search of these moments I have focused on a human manifestation that seems to escape our very attention: hand gestures. After a conversation with someone you remember the content, but you are unaware of the specific form your own or the other's hands took. We allow our hands to complement our chosen words as 'they' wish and one of the rare occasions where we loose control.


An excerpt from the interview with curator Noor Mertens can be read: here